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Annuario diocesano : comunità, presbiterio, istituzioni ; 1903 - 1904

Author: [Erzdiözese Trient]
Publication year:(1903/1904)
Place of publication:Trento
Physical description:241, 245 S.
Type of medium:Book
Language: Lateinisch
Subject heading:g.Trient <Diözese> ; f.Schematismus
Category: Allgemeines, Nachschlagewerke , Religion, Theologie
Notation:1 Adr - Tir<br />23 Tir 3 T - Z
Location mark:II Z 260/1903-04
Notations:Nebeneintr. Sachtitel: Annuario diocesano Trento // Catalogus cleri Diocesis Tridentinae // Elenco generale // Catalogus cleri saecularis et regularis Diocesis Tridentini // Catalogus cleri saecularis et regularis Dioecesis Tridentini
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